1.   The Commission to Preach (v.1-2a) 2.   The Character of the Message Preached (v.2b-c) 3.   The Context for Preaching (v.3-4) 4.   The Conduct of the Preacher (v.5)
1. Timothy’s Previous Example (vv.10-11) You Used to Follow Me… … in My Pastoral Calling… … in My Personal Character… … in My Perseverance (and Preservation) 2. Timothy’s Present Expectation…
1.   Quarrels and Catastrophe (v.14) 2.   A Workman Worth His Wages (v.15) 3.   The Corrosive Effects of Toxic Talk (v.16-18) 4.   The Comfort of a Firm Foundation (v.19)
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