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1.   A Useful Utensil (v.20-21) 2.   A Race for Righteousness (v.22) 3.   A Servant Who Saves (v.23-26)
A (Not So) Brief Review of Hebrews 1:1-3 An ancient and modern problem (Col 2:16-18; Isa 40) Can angels be compared to the Son? (Heb 1:4,6-7,14) What about the Son?…
1.   Quarrels and Catastrophe (v.14) 2.   A Workman Worth His Wages (v.15) 3.   The Corrosive Effects of Toxic Talk (v.16-18) 4.   The Comfort of a Firm Foundation (v.19)
1.   What We Once Were (vv17-19) 2.   What We Ought to Be (vv20-24) 3.   What It All Means
1.   Godliness (vv1-5) 2.   God Focused (v6-8) 3.   Eternity (v9-12)
1.   The Meaning of Peace 2.   The ‘Making’ of Peace 3.   The Motivation for Peace
1.   Remembering the Risen King (v.8) 2.   Enduring for the Sake of the Elect (v.9-10) 3.   Resting on the Faithfulness of God (v11-13)
1.   The Meaning of Purity 2.   The Manifestation of Purity 3.   The Motivation for Purity

God Knows How To …

29 April, 2018
God Knows How To... 1.   Uphold His People (v1-7) 2.   Guide His People (v8-14) 3.   Comfort His People (v15-22)


29 April, 2018
1.   Nicodemus is Seeking Confirmation (v1-3) 2.   Nicodemus is Confused (v4-8) 3.   Nicodemus is Bewildered (v9-15)

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