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1.   A Call to Remain (v.14a) 2. A Call to Remember (v.14b-15) 3.   The Origin of the Scriptures (v.16) 4. The Accomplishment of the Scriptures (v.17)
1.   The Place of the Law and the Prophets (v.17) 2.   The Perseverance of the Law and the Prophets (v.18) 3.   The Power of the Law and the Prophets (v.19)…
1. Timothy’s Previous Example (vv.10-11) You Used to Follow Me… … in My Pastoral Calling… … in My Personal Character… … in My Perseverance (and Preservation) 2. Timothy’s Present Expectation…

A Great Salvation

24 June, 2018

1.   The Attributes of a Godless World (3:1-4) 2.   The Advocates of a Godless Way (3:5-7) 3.   The Exposure of Godless Words (3:8-9)
1.   The Reason for Believing (vv16-18) 2.   The Reason for Unbelief (vv19-21)
1.   Strive for Purity (v14) 2.   Size Up His Patience (v15-16) 3.   Shield Against Error (v17) 4.   Strengthen in Grace (v18)
1.   Salt of the Earth (v.13a) 2.   Salt Without Worth (v.13b) 3.   A Light that’s Concealed? (v.14-15) 4.   God’s Glory Revealed (v.16)
1.   The Sabbath – What? 2.   The Sabbath – Why? 3.   Sabbath or Lord’s Day – When? 4.   The Lord’s Day – How?
1.   The Cause of Persecution (v.10) 2.   The Character of Persecution (v.11) 3.   The Consequence of Persecution (v.12)

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