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Bible Readings: 1 Kings 3:1-5; Proverbs 1:1-7 Outline: 1. Introduction 2. How did Solomon get it so wrong? 3. Can I trust his advice? 4. What hope do I have?
NT reading: Revelation 2:12-17 Outline: 1. Balaam’s Ploy (v1-9) 2. Phinehas’ Zeal (v10-15) 3. God’s Justice (v16-18)
OT reading: Psalm 73 Outline: 1. A Short History of the World? (v24-30) 2. Jesus' Interpretation of His Own Parable (v36-39) 3. The Main Point, Application and Conclusion (v40-43)

A Call to Prayer

1 October, 2016
NT reading: Ephesians 3:8-21 Outline: 1. The status of the Church’s hope (v1-3) 2. The shaking of the Church’s hope (v4-7) 3. The sealing of the Church’s hope (v8-19)

The Outcome For…

1 October, 2016
NT Reading: Romans 15:8-13 Outline: 1. ... the Wicked (v40-45) 2. ... the Godly (v46-48) 3. ... God (v49-50)
1.   Marriage and “the Present Distress” (v.25-28) 2.   Marriage and the End of the Age (v.29-31) 3.   Christian Service and the Married Man (v.32-38) 4.   Christian…
1. The Significance of the Lord’s Supper (vv23-26) 2. The Subversion of the Lord’s Supper (vv27-29) 3. The Severity of God’s Mercy (vv30-32) 4. The Solution: ‘Wait for One Another’…
1. The Context: Jesus’ Last Passover Meal (Luke 22:14-20) 2. The Concern: Divisions in the Gatherings (1 Cor 11:17-19) 3. The Consequence: Divisions at the Table (1 Cor 11:20-22)

The One

17 September, 2016
1.  Introduction 2.  The Word (vv1-2) 3.  The Source (vv3-5)
The Principle Articulated: “Stay as you are!” (v.17) The Principle Applied… to Circumcision (v.18-19) The Principle Applied… to Slavery (v.20-23) The Principle Reiterated: “Stay as You Are… With God” (v.24)

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