Audio sermons

1.   The Calling of the Twelve (vv1-4) 2.   The Commission for the Twelve (vv5-8) 3.   The Constraints on their Mission (vv9-10) 4.   The Consequence of the Mission (vv11-15)
1.   The Collusion (22:15-16a) 2.   The Question (22:16b-17) 3.   The Coin (22:18-21) 4.   The Consequence (19:22)
1.   … His Knowledge (v13-15) 2.   … His Deliverance (v16-19) 3.   … His Protection (v20-22)
1.   The Call for a King over Israel (17:14-15) 2.   The Constraints on the King of Israel (17:16-17) 3.   The Commitment of the King of Israel (17:18-19) 4.   The Character…
1.   Sight for the Sightless (9:27-31) 2.   Speech for the Speechless (9:32-34) 3.   A Saviour for the Sheep (9:35-38)
1.   A Powerful Lord and a Fearful People (v1-11c) 2.   A Brave Army and a Reluctant Group (v11d-23) 3.   A Daring Wife and a Waiting Mother (v24-30) 4.   A Defeated…
1.   A Rejected Invitation (vv1-7) 2.   A New Invitation (vv8-10) 3.   An Invitation Withdrawn (vv11-14)
1.   His Character (v1-5) 2.  His Power (v6-9) 3.   His Rule (v10-12)
1.   A Desperate Father Finds a Willing Healer (v18-19) 2.   A Desperate Woman Finds a Gracious Saviour (v20-22) 3.   A Grieving Family Finds Joy and Hope (v23-26)
1.   When to Refer to a Higher Court (v.8-9) 2.   The Need to Defer to a Higher Court (v.10-11) 3.   Why Not to Defy the Higher Court (v.12-13)

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